Fantasy Books


Abercrombie, Joe: The First Law Series

Abraham, Daniel: The Dagger and the Coin Series

Abraham, Daniel: Long Price Quartet Series

Adams, Douglas: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Adams, Richard: Watership Down

Alexander, Lloyd: The Chronicles of Prydain

Anderson, Hans Christian: The Complete Fairy Tales

Anderson, Kevin, J: The Saga of Seven Suns

Anderson, Kevin, J: Terra Icognita Series

Ash, Sarah: Tears of Artamon


Barker, Emily Croy: The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic

Beagle, Peter: The Last Unicorn

Benjamin, Curt: Seven Brothers

Bradley, Marion Zimmer: Avalon Series

Brett, Peter: The Demon Cycle

Brooks, Terry: Shannara Series

Butcher, Jim: The Dresden Files

Butcher, Jim: Codex Alera Series



Cashore, Kristin: Graceling Realm Series

Clarke, Susanna: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Coe, David: Winds of the Forelands

Coelho, Paulo: The Alchemist

Connolly, John: The Book of Lost Things

Cook, Glen: The Chronicles of the Black Company

Cornwell, Bernard: The Warlord Chronicles



Duncan, Dave: A Man of His Word

Dunsany, Lord: The King of Elfland’s Daughter


Eddings, David: The Belgariad Series

Eddings, David: The Malloreon Series

Eddison, E.R: The Worm Ouroboros

Elliott, Kate: Crown of Stars Series

Erikson, Steven: The Malazan Book of the Fallen series


Fallon, Jennifer: Hythrun Chronicles

Fallon, Jennifer: Second Sons Trilogy

Feist, Raymond: The Empire Trilogy

Feist, Raymond: The Riftwar Saga

Flewelling, Lynn: The Tamír Triad series

Friedman, C.S: The Coldfire Trilogy


Gaiman, Neil: American Gods

Gaiman, Neil: Stardust

Gemmel, David: The Drenai Saga

Goldman, William: The Princess Bride

Goodkind, Terry: Sword of Truth Series  

Grimm, Jacob & Wilhelm: The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales



Harkness, Deborah: All Souls Trilogy

Harlan, Thomas: Oath of Empire

Herbert, Frank: Dune Chronicles

Herbert, Brian: Legends of Dune

Herbert, Brian: Prelude to Dune

Hobb, Robin: The Liveship Traders

Hobb, Robin: The Farseer Trilogy

Hobb, Robin: Realms of the Elderlings Series

Hobb, Robin: Rain Wild Chronicles

Holdstock, Robert: Mythago Wood

Hollick, Helen: Pendragon’s Banner Trilogy

Hughart, Barry: Bridge of Birds

Hume, M.K.: King Arthur


Jesmin, N.K: The Inheritance Trilogy

Johansen, Erika: The Queen of the Tearling

Jordan, Robert: The Wheel of Time Series


Kay, Guy Gavriel: River of Stars 

Kay, Guy Gavriel: Tigana

Keyes, Greg: Kingdoms of Thorne and Bone

Knight, E.E.: Vampire Earth

Kurland, Lynn: Nine Kingdoms Series


L’Engle, Madeleine: A Wrinkle In Time Quintet

Lackey, Mercedes: Valdemar: The Last Herald-Mage Series

Lackey, Mercedes: Valdemar: Vows and Honor Series

Lackey, Mercedes: Five Hundred Kingdoms Series

Lackey, Mercedes: Elemental Masters Series

Larke, Glenda: Watergivers Series

Lawrence, Mark: The Broken Empire

Lawhead, Stephen: King Raven Trilogy

Lawhead, Stephen: The Pendragon Cycle

Lawhead, Stephen: The Song of Albion

Lawhead, Stephen: The Dragon King

Le Guin, Ursula K.: Earthsea Cycle

Leiber, Fritz: Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser

Lewis, C.S.: The Space Trilogy              

Lewis, C.S.: Till We Have Faces

Lovecraft, H.P.: Tales of H.P. Lovecraft


MacDonald, George: Princess Irene and Curdie

Marillier, Juliet: Wildwood

Marillier, Juliet: Sevenwaters Series

Marillier, Juliet: The Bridei Chronicles

Marillier, Juliet:  Shadowfell Series

Marillier, Juliet:  The Light Isles

Martin, George R.R.: A Song of Ice and Fire

May, Julian: Boreal Moon

McCaffrey, Anne: Dragonriders of Pern

McIntosh, Fiona: The Quickening Series

McKenzie, Nancy: Prince of Dreams: A Tale of Tristan & Esyllte

McKenzie, Nancy: Grail Prince

McKenzie, Nancy: Queen of Camelot

Miller, Karen: The Falcon Throne

Miller, Karen: Kingmaker, Kingbreaker Series

Miller, Karen: Godspeaker Trilogy

Modesitt, L.E., JR: The Corean Chronicles

Modesitt, L.E., JR: The Saga of Recluce

Modesitt, L.E., JR: The Imager Portfolio

Morris, William: The Well at the World’s End

Moorcock, Michael: Elric of Melnibone

Morgan, Richard: A Land Fit for Heroes


Nielsen, Jennifer: The Ascendance Trilogy


Painter, Kristen: House of Comarré Series

Parker, K.J: Engineer Trilogy

Peake, Mervyn: Gormenghast

Pearce, Jackson: Fairytale Retellings Series

Pratchett, Terry: Discworld


Redick, Robert, V.S: The Chathrand Voyage

Rice, Anne: The Vampire Chronicles

Ridgway, Bee: The River of No Return

Roberson, Jennifer: Tiger & Del Series

Roberson, Jennier: Out of Avalon

Rothfuss, Patrick: The Kingkiller Chronicle

Russell, Sean: The Swans’ War Series

Ryan, Anthony: Raven’s Shadow Series


Salvatore, R.A.: The Dark Elf Trilogy

Salvatore, R.A.: The Icewind Dale Trilogy

Sanderson, Brandon: The Stormlight Archive

Sanderson, Brandon: Mistborn

Sanderson, Brandon: Elantris  

Sanderson, Brandon: The Emperor’s Soul

Simmons, Dan: Hyperion

Stewart, Mary: Arthurian Saga

Stoker, Bram: Dracula

Stover, Matthew Woodring: The Acts of Caine

Sullivan, Michael J.: The Riyria Chronicles


Tolkien, J.R.R: The Silmarillion

Tolkien, J.R.R: The Lord of the Rings

Tolkien, J.R.R: The Hobbit

Tolkien, J.R.R: The Children of Húrin

Tolkien, J.R.R: Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle-Earth

Twain, Mark: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court


Vance, Jack: Lyonesse


Weeks, Brent:  Lightbringer Series

Weeks, Brent: Night Angel Trilogy

Wells, Martha: Wheel of the Infinite

Wells, H.G: The Time Machine

West, Michelle: The Sun Sword

White, T.H: The Once and Future King

Whyte, Jack: The Camulod Chronicles

Williams, Tad: The War of the Flowers

Williams, Tad: Shadowmarch Series

Williams, Tad: Otherland Series

Williams, Tad: Memory, Sorrow, and Thorns Series

Wolfe, Gene: The Book of the New Sun

Wrede, Patricia, C.: Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Wurts, Janny: Wars of Light and Shadow Series


Zales, Dima: The Thought Readers

Zelazny, Roger: Chronicles of Amber

Zelazny, Roger: Lord of Light