Science Fiction Books


Adams, Douglas: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Aldiss, Brian: Hothouse

Anderson, Dennis Lee: Arthur King

Anderson, Poul: Tau Zero

Asimov, Isaac: Robot Series

Asimov, Isaac: Foundation

Asimov, Isaac: The End of Eternity

Asimov, Isaac: Nightfall & Other Stories

Asimov, Isaac: Nemesis

Asimov, Isaac: The Gods Themselves

Asimov, Isaac: Galactic Empire Series

Atwood, Margaret: The Haindmaid’s Tale

Atwood, Margaret: MaddAddam Trilogy


Bacigalupi, Paolo: The Windup Girl

Banks, Iain: The Player of Games

Baxter, Stephen: Manifold

Benford, Gregory: Timescape

Bester, Alfred: The Stars My Destination

Bester, Alfred: The Demolished Man

Bradbury, Ray: Fahrenheit 451

Bradbury, Ray: The Martian Chronicles

Bradbury, Ray: The Illustrated Man

Bradbury, Ray: The Ray Bradbury Chronicles

Brin, David: The Uplift Saga

Brooks, Max: World War Z: An oral History of the Zombie War

Brunner, John: Stand on Zanzibar

Bujold, Lois McMaster: Vorkosigan Saga

Butler, Octavia: Lilith’s Brood

Burroughs, Edgar Rice: Barsoom Series

Burgess, Anthony: A Clockwork Orange


Card, Orson Scott: The Ender Quintet Series

Cherryh, C.J.: Alliance-Union Universe Series

Clarke, Arthur, C.: Space Odyssey

Clarke, Arthur, C.: The Deep Range

Cooper, Edmund: Seahorse in the Sky

Crichton, Michael: Jurassic Park

Crichton, Michael: The Andromeda Strain

Crichton, Michael: State of Fear


David, James, F: Footprints of Thunder

Dick, Philip, K.: The Man in the High Castle

Dickson, Gordon: Dorsai!


Egan, Greg: Diaspora

England, Terry: Rewind


Farmer, Philip Jose: Riverworld

Finney, Jack: Time and Again

Forward, Robert: Dragon’s Egg


Gabaldon, Diana: Outlander

Gibson, William: Neuromancer

Gould, Steven: Jumper

Guin, Ursula, K.: The Hainish Cycle

Gunn, James Edwin: The Magicians


Haldeman, Joe: The Forever War

Haldeman, Joe: The Accidental Time Machine

Hamilton, Peter: Night’s Dawn

Heinlein, Robert: The Door into Summer

Heinlein, Robert, A.: Starship Troopers

Heinleain, Robert, A.: Stranger in a Strange Land

Herbert, Brian: Dune Chronicles

Herbert, Brian: Prelude to Dune Series

Herbert, Brian: Legends of Dune

Herbert, Brian: Heroes of Dune

Herbert Frank: Original Dune Chronicles

Herbert, Frank: ConSentiency Universe

Hogan, James: Thrice Upon a Time

Huxley, Aldous:  Brave New World


Ishiguro, Kazu: Never Let Me Go


James, P.D.: The Children of Men


Keyes, Daniel: Flowers of Algernon

King, Stephen: The Running Man


L’Engle, Madeleine: A Wrinkle in Time Quintet

Lawhead, Stephen: Empyrion

Lawhead, Stephen: Bright Empires Series

Lewis, C.S.: Space Trilogy

London, Jack: The Iron Heel

Lowry, Lois: The Giver Quartet


Matheson, Richard: I Am Legend

McCarthy, Cormac: The Road

McDevitt, Jack: The Hercules Text

Mieville, China: The City & the City

Miller, Walter: A Canticle for Leibowitz

Mitchell, David: Ghostwritten

Modesitt, L.E., Jr: Ecolitan Matter

Modesitt, L.E., Jr: Archform Beauty

Modesitt, L.E., Jr: The Eternity Artifact

Modesitt, L.E., Jr: Empress of Eternity

Modesitt, L.E., Jr: The Elysium Commission

Morgan, Richard: Takeshi Kovacs

Munroe, Jim: Everyone in Silico


Niffenegger, Adrey: The Time Traveler’s Wife


Orwell, George: 1984

Orwell, George: Animal Farm


Peretti, Frank: The Veritas Project

Pohl, Frederik: Jem

Powers, Tim: The Anubis Gates


Rajaniemi, Hannu: The Quantum Thief

Rand, Ayn: Atlas Shrugged

Rand, Ayn: Anthem

Reynolds, Alastair: Revelation Space

Robinson, Kim Stanley: Mars Trilogy

Ryman, Geoff: Air


Scalzi, John: Old Man’s War

Shelley, Mary: Frankenstein

Sheckley, Robert: Immortality, Inc.

Silverberg, Robert: Hawksbill Station

Silverberg, Robert: Majipoor

Simmons, Dan: Hyperion Cantos Series

Sladek, John: Tik-Tok

Stross, Charles: Accelerando

Stephenson, Neal: Snow Crash

Stephenson, Neal: Anathem

Stevenson, Robert Lewis: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Sturgeon, Theodore: More Than Human


Thomson, Amy: The Color of Distance


Vance, Jack: Big Planet

Vance, Jack: Araminta Station

Vernes, Jules: The Extraordinary Voyages

Vinge, Vernor: Zones of Thought

Vinge, Vernor: Rainbows End

Vonnegut, Kurt: Slaughterhouse-Five


Watts, Peter: Blindsight

Wells, H.G.: The Time Machine

Wells, H.G.: The War of the Worlds

Wilhelm, Kate: Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

Williams, Beatriz: Overseas

Williamson, Jack: The Humanoids

Willis, Connie: Oxford Time Travel Series

Wilson, Robert Charles: Spin

Wylie, Philip: The Disappearance

Wyndham, John: The Day of the Triffids


Zales, Dima: The Thought Readers

Zelazny, Roger: This Immortal

Zamyatin, Yevgeny: We