Thoughts from a stranger

Welcome to The Daily Millennial!

This is actually my second blog. My original blog, which I ran for four years, started to feel stale and I ran out of motivation to keep it going. Mainly this occurred because I only focused on movies and books. However, I do enjoy blogging! I love writing and talking about topics I find interesting. Mainly books movies, bad financial advice, cultural commentary, and other random things.

I am a millennial, which basically means I was born after Apollo 11 and before before Y2K. However, I think people have gone a little nuts bashing on my generation. Everyone seems to conveniently forget the hippie generation that came before Generation X and us. Weird people exist in every generation but I feel the bashing has gotten worse.

Bad financial advice makes me sigh heavily. Honestly, I do not see how giving up coffee, avocados, and denim will make you magically rich. (these are all real pieces of advice. Check out CNBC and you too will know the only way to get rich is to stay home, grow your own coffee, and wear potato sacks as clothing. ) Not that I claim to know anything about financial advice, but some of the stuff hawked around seems hackneyed.

Anyways, this is my second blog. It will include movie and book reviews and some opinion pieces on other topics I find interesting. I will attempt to post daily, hence the title. If you like what you read, I hope you stick around. If not, well I might catch you on my third attempt.