Hobbies. Do You Have Any?

What is your random hobby?

When did you last learn something?

I mean outside of school, intentional learning because you wanted to, not because you needed to pass a test. Among my friend group I noticed a lot of us do not have any hobbies. Or if we do, we do not devote a lot of time to them.

Most people come home from work and then relax in front of Netflix for several hours. Not that relaxing after a long day is wrong, but do you watch television every night?

Can you remember the last time you did something that truly excited you and that you would do for free? In my opinion, modern American life revolves solely around work. Walk into any room and all anyone will ask you is “what do you do for work”, or “ how was your work day?”. No one ever asks about what you do outside of the office. And I think that is sad. A person’s worth does not rely completely on some job tittle.  People used to have hobbies and actually enjoy talking about them and showing off the fruits of their labors.

A hobby reveals a lot about your character and interests. How you spend your free time is one of the most revealing characteristics about you. But I feel a lot of people have lost this unique part of their individuality. I ask people about hobbies and receive blank stares but everyone has an opinion on the latest television show or smartphone debut.

Yay, another phone that you will use for everything except calling people. 

Whenever I ride on public transportation or just walk around, everyone stares at their phones. Even out in nature looking at gorgeous vistas and everyone seems hooked on their phone screens. 

People leave school and lose interest in learning. Even though I find I actually learned faster outside of school because I could focus on what I wanted to know.

Currently I play the guitar, though I am frustrated with my progress. In my mind I should already be playing with the Rolling Stones. In reality, I might attract some squirrels onto my back porch. Not quite a thundering auditorium, but still. An audience is an audience. Acorns and all.

I wish more people would look up from their phones once in awhile and ask about things other than work.

One downside of adulthood is no one ever asks about hobbies or my favorite dinosaur.